Lip Filler Case Study – Stephanie

We recently had a client visit us who wanted to reshape her lips. Her upper lip was thinner than she wanted and the right side of her lip was a different shape and dipped down.

We were able to fill and reshape her lips using our lip fillers, and due to the amazing results we achieved, she was kind enough to let us share her story along with before and after pictures.

Lip fillers are not just used to make lips bigger, but also to even up uneven lips.

In order to give Stephanie the look she wanted, we used our lip fillers in the following ways…

  • Added filler to her upper lip for a fuller look.
  • Added a “cupids bow” to lift the upper lip.
  • Slightly filled the bottom lip to give her a slight “keyhole” look.

As you can see from the pictures below, Stephanie now has much more defined and fuller lips that are even top and bottom.

Stephanie was very happy with the results we achieved for her and left us with a big smile on here face.

Booking Your Lip Filler Treatment

If you would like to enhance, reconstruct or fill your lips, we’d love to help…

We offer lip fillers from all three of our locations across Essex in our Langdon Hills, Hornchurch and Rayleigh clinics.

As with all of our treatments, we offer free, no-obligation consultations so you can find out more and make an informed choice before proceding with treatment.

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