Take Your Platelet Rich Plasma Home With You

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments can be used in lots of beneficial ways. At YouthTopia, we use it for many applications from improving your skin to helping re-grow your hair.

Platelet rich plasma is a substance that we extract from your own blood after spinning it through a centrifuge. Once we finish your treatment, we usually have some PRP leftover. At YouthTopia, we can give you the remaining PRP to take home with you to use as part of your regular beauty regemine.

There are many ways to use your PRP so we thought we’d put together a little guide on the ways you can use your PRP so you can continue to get the amazing benefits of it once you get home.

Use it Topically

When we give you your leftover PRP, you can use it straight out of the bottle. After you have a shower or bath, you can apply the PRP directly to your skin.

Just spray a little of the PRP on to your fingers and gently massage the serum into your clean skin.

The absorbtion rate will not be as good as if you applied it after one of our microneedling treatments, so it’s advised that you leave it on your skin for as long as possible to maximise the benefits.

Once you have had it on your skin for a while (aim for at least 20 – 30 minute), you can simply wash off the remainder.

Add It To Your Beauty Products

Another way to use your leftover PRP is to add it to your favoutite beauty products such as moisturisers.

Just pour the PRP out of the bottle and into your beauty product and give it a good mix.

Not only will you get the benefits of the PRP, but as it’s mixed in with your beauty products, there’s no need to wash it off afterwards. You’ll be able to leave it on your skin all day, getting the maximum benefits of topical PRP.

Ask Us For The Best Advice

If using your PRP at home is something that you like the sound of, be sure to ask us for advice when you come for a platelet rich plasma treatment.

We’ll be able to give you much more bespoke advice during a face-to-face meeting.

Booking a Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

As with all of our treatments, the best way to find out how PRP can benefit you is to book a free consultation.

We’ll go through the ways PRP can help you achieve your beauty goals and inform you about the implications and limitations of the treatment, as well as give advice on how best to use the leftover PRP.

If you decide that PRP is for you, we can carry out the treatment the very same day.

You can get a PRP treatment from any of our three Essex clinics in Langdon Hills, Hornchurch and Rayleigh.

All your have to do is fill out the contact form below, or call us on 07919 586470.

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